Stone and marble industry

Years of work experience, devoted to the manufacturing of conveyor belts employed in various industry sectors, have convinced us that the quality and suitability of a belt become the prevailing and basic components of a machine or equipment, where the belt is part of it and is able to modify its operability or to determine its efficiency.
Consequently, we have worked such that Sampla Belting range of conveyor belts, for the marble, granite and ceramic sector, is the right solution for solving any kind of problem. This engagement, started at the dawn of the stone-sector mechanization, has made Sampla Belting an acknowledged leader in the market.

The current range of sampla belting belts, offers solutions to any problem of cutting, polishing and sizing of marble, granite, cement-marble, resin-marble and ceramic in any market thickness. In fact, the special structures of belt covers, some of them exclusively made and now considered as a market standard, together whit specific base compounds allow an optimum grip with pieces to be worked in any operational circumstance.
In addition, consideration should be given to the ample availability of 100% polyester fabric fibers, available according to needs. All sampla belting belts have the sliding surface covered with a deep skimming of PVC or PU, according to the final utilization in the stone-sector.

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