Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Customer,
It is really important for us to have Your feedback about the performance of service and products delivered by Sampla Belting, which will help us understand the areas of improvement that will allow us give service and products more focused on Your needs.

We thank You in advance for your kind cooperation.

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Sampla Belting: the service

Importance: 1=Low importance; 2=Important; 3=High importance; 4=Very high importance;
Satisfaction: 1=Unsatisfactory; 2=Satisfactory; 3=Good; 4=Very good;
Commercial area Importance Satisfaction
Expertise of commercial people to present products
Easiness to contact people able to satisfy your requests
Availability and courtesy of Your counterparts in Sampla Belting
Frequency of visits of sales people
Technical Assistance Importance Satisfaction
Technical expertise related to your applications
Rapidity to support specific technical problems
Completeness of technical and general documentation
Deliveries Importance Satisfaction
Rapidity of confirmation and indication of delivery date in case of orders
Punctuality of deliveries
Adequate and timely information in case of delivery delays
Adequateness of packaging
Adequateness of labels for easy product identification
Invoicing Importance Satisfaction
Precision of invoicing
Completeness and clearness of invoices
Quality Importance Satisfaction
Perceived quality of our products Vs. your expectations
Quality Constancy
Affidability of our product’s performances
Innovation Importance Satisfaction
Ability of Sampla to propose innovative products
Rapidity of answers to new needs
Effectiveness of answers related to your needs
Overall positioning of Sampla Importance Satisfaction
Competitiveness of our products on your market
Brand image of our products on your market
Visibility of Sampla brand on your market
Completeness of Sampla product range

Performances over time

During the last 12 months , for these aspects did you notice:
Products Quality  
Products Range  
Respect of delivery dates  

Comparison to our competitors

Compared to our competitors, how do you feel Sampla in terms of:
Commercial offer / prices  
Competency of commercial area  

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